BlackBerry Passport Challenge: COMPLETE!

The Blackberry Passport has been a very interesting device to use for the past several weeks. I found that I could get around the lack of Google apps due to, Cobalt of He has gotten a lot of Google apps working and generally, if you are a person who does not entirely rely on Google apps, I think that this is both a unique and fantastic device!

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I had over a week to use the BlackBerry Passport as my daily driver and only phone. Here is what I think of it during the time I spent…
1. Intro (0:00)
2. A look around the device and keyboard (1:42)
3. Circling the rest of the device (6:28)
4. Interface and features I admire (9:02)
5. Thank you to for making content creation possible!(13:06)
6. Specs and display (14:51)
7. The app experience (17:10)
8. A bit about the battery life (24:02)
9. The camera interface and quality (24:58)
10. Conclusion/outro (30:49)

My Top 5 2014 Smartphones!

Here are my top 5 favorite smartphones of this year and why! Yet. don’t expect to hear about my overall favorite ;)

I have seen that many people have taken my decisions for favorite devices very seriously. In this video the point was not to choose the overall popular and polled devices, but rather to choose what I like “in my own opinion”. What I have decided as my favorite, won’t necessarily match with what the mean finds “the best”.

I generally choose my phones on a few parameters. The first and foremost is the user experience! I have to LIKE using the device. Then comes battery life, then camera. Lastly, but also very important, is the ease of purchase. I won’t choose a device as my favorite that is not easily obtainable. That applies to OnePlus, Samsung, LG, etc… doesn’t matter who. If a device is not easy to purchase, it doesn’t meet my category of favorites.

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M8 : 1.
Moto X 2014:
iPhone 6/+ :
Note 4:
Nexus 6:

Galaxy Note 4 Review: All You Need To Know

Time Coded Review
1. Intro (0:04)
2. Design and Build (0:40)
3. Size and screen size comparison (7:12)
4. Thank you to for making content creation possible! (9:06) follow to download a free audiobook of your choice
5. S Pen features (10:30)
6. Pen improvements over Note 3/ Multitasking (16:47)
7. One handed operation on a HUGE device (22:27)
8. Improvements to S Health and new sensor features (25:16)
9. Fingerprint scanner (28:11)
10. Interface and Performance (30:36)
11. The display, calibration, and uniformity issues (32:40)
12. The speaker (38:27)
13. Battery life, quick charge and power saving (39:18)
14. Connectivity (41:58)
15. The camera interface (43:03)
16. Camera performance (47:49)
17. Conclusion and outro (54:09)

Note 4 review footage

Nexus 6 Display Burns In Easily?

Only after a few days of having my Nexus 6 I noticed the display starting to burn in. I checked my Moto X 2014 and it is showing the same issue. To check yours make sure you use a fullscreen gallery app. NOTE: My camera and lights make the displays look pink when they don’t in real life. However, when the Nexus 6 is on low brightness it looks very pink!

Nexus 9 Review: With Nvidia Shield Tablet Comparisons

1. Introduction (0:05)
2. Design and build quality (1:07)
3. Tablet pile up (5:28)
4. The Nexus Experience and Lollipop features (7:43)
5. Specs of Nexus 9 & Nvidia Shield tablet / performance (17:17)
6. What the Nexus 9 and Nvidia Shield tablet are suited for (20:11)
7. Nexus 9 display (23:45)
8. Nexus 9 speakers, MEH! (25:28)
9. Battery life (26:18)
10. Conclusion (27:04)