Monthly Archives: November 2010

How I Stay Thin! Secrets Revealed! – pedometer spoof short version

I decided to upload a short version of the original video, in case the original is just too taxing for you. Basically, not many know that a tamagotchi comes in the form of a pedometer. I was like, “What?” when I found out and instantly had to buy one. Go buy one!!!! It’s so adorable and a must have, if you are cool enough!

College Is Hopeless!!! – WTF! – Greedy Little…

Disclaimer… I am in no way discouraging your college ambitions!

Yeah, so it was my sign up day for UCSD classes for winter quarter. And UCSD cancels the one class that I really needed to graduate! All the classes that I took added up to that one class. ARG WTF! So, now I have to completely redesign my major. It’s like they want to keep me there to continue stealing my money!