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GALAXY S3 *Improved Black Clipping! Why Pentile?* (Not a review)

Hey guys! I am creating a Vlog, Vlog today where I talk about relevant tech stuffs, like the Galaxy S3. Black clipping is improved BUT NOT 100%, but pixelated blacks can still be seen. Samsung also defended why they are staying with HD PENTILE! Check it out!


Image to check for black clipping:
from XDA’s DaveC1964

*HTC ONE X* Spigen SGP Crumena Pouch Case REVIEW

Hey guys! I’m worse for wear today but this case certainly isn’t! lol Check out the beautiful Crumena Leather Pouch Case! It is perfect for those of you who want good protection but to still be able to use the phone naked. It has an extremely well thought out design and feels very premium!

*** The Technology Nerd Who Likes To Film Stuff ***

*HUGE* AT&T HTC ONE X Review (Quad core vs S4 vs GALAXY S3)

This review is indexed by topic (click time codes to jump to topic).
Tired of ordinary, spec based reviews? Check out what the One X is like in REAL WORLD USE. How does it compare to the Quad core One X or the GALAXY S3

YOU CAN DISABLE 4G (4G is very efficient now though)
[[[Use wap.cingular under new APN profile to kill the 4G!]]]

HTC Sense has very aggressive memory management. This cripples multitasking for now. Apps restart instead of resuming their states…webpages refresh when returning to them. HOPING FOR A FAST FIX!

One Click Root:

****TOPIC INDEX******
Introduction (9:24)
Processor speeds [S4 vs Quad Core] (3:10)
Gaming examples (7:03)
Form Factor (7:43)
Size comparison with Galaxy Note + in pocket (8:27)
The Gorgeous HD 720p Display! (10:08)
Viewing angle comparison (11:22)
Playing Movies (13:04) USE DICE PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VS S3 Screen (13:57)
Aspect Ratio (15:27)
HTC Sense and Ice cream Sandwich (16:18)
The Stock ICS Browser (17:51)
Non-removable battery (19:37)
Battery Life (21:06)
Ports (22:19)
No Designated Camera Key (22:52)
Be Careful with Cases! (23:21)
Limited Memory [Drop Box and Google Music] (25:40)
Data Management (26:57)
Yay! It’s mountable! (28:23)
Antennas [4G, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth] (29:06)
The Keyboard (30:10)
Beats Audio – System Integration (31:26)
Locked Bootloader – but can root! (33:14)
The Camera (34:55)
Video Examples (36:27)
SO..S3, S4, or Quad core!? (38:06)
Special Singing Request – credits (40:15)

*GALAXY NOTE* Spigen SGP Glas.t Screen Protector – FULL REVIEW

International Version – $39.99, AT&T Version – $34.99

The most cleverly awesome thing exists for protecting your device’s screen! It’s an actual piece of glass that looks and feels just like your own beneath it! Very scratch resistant, absorbs impact, repels oil, works with every case I have tested! A+!