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*Galaxy S3* Spigen SGP Curved Crystal Screen Protector – REVIEW

Looking for a dry install protector that goes all the way to the edge of your curved Galaxy S3 glass???! Look no further! Check this out! Crystal clear and complete protection!


Galaxy S3 Dropped in Water!!! – Winner Skin Review (Golovan) TIME CODED

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*****Intro (0:00)
*****Installation and review (1:39)
*****Time code for water dunking: (7:53)******
“I dropped my phone in the water!!! ahhhhh!” Well, you know what, if you went to the beach with a Winner Skin on you would probably not be freaking out! This skin is 100% water proof up to 6 feet in depth. It is good for shallow diving, rain, snow, out in the dirt and grime. You can also use just about any case with it! I LOVE THIS! Definitely ERICA CERTIFIED hahahaha

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