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*Galaxy S3* Spigen SGP Glas Screen Protector Review

Check this out! The Glas screen protector has been released for the S3! It is like having a sheet of Gorilla Glass to protect your Gorilla Glass 😉

This baby has a hardness of 8H and is incredibly scratch resistant! Watch as a take a knife to this screen!


*iPhone 5* iFrogz Luxe Original Case Review

This is a great, slim, protective case that won’t scratch that “delicate” black finish on your iPhone 5!!!
***Zagg Invisible Shield HD Screen Protector (case fit)***

****!!!!Note to Android fans!!!!!!****: It’s best to be non-biased with tech reviews to give the best experience for everyone. So don’t worry about my values lol.

NEXUS 7 REVIEW *All You Need To Know*

In depth Nexus 7 Review, focusing on making it function just like the “BIG BOY” tablets! Everything from expanding memory, to playing graphic intensive games, to re-enabling flash without needing root!

Google Plus! –

*Adobe Flash APK*

** – SD to Micro USB Transfer Cable

*HTC ONE X* Seidio Surface Case Review

Awesome thin but protective case by seidio! Resists scratches and has a grippy soft touch coating! Oils and fingerprints wipe away easily! Very durable!

*AT&T version*

*International version*