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*MUGEN POWER* – HTC ONE X 6000/3200mAh Extended Battery Case

HTC did not give you the option for the ability to install an extended battery. Finally, Mugen Power has a solution! This case charges your phone while providing light protection.

AT&T/XL 3200mAh –
AT&T/XL 6000mAh –

HTC ONE X 3200mAh –
HTC ONE X 6000mAh –

*Galaxy Note II* Pocket Test and Multitasking Overview (Big Android BBQ – 2012)

Pocket test!!! =) This is the International Galaxy Note 2. I am waiting for the release of the AT&T version. It will be Quad-core as well as LTE. Multi-Window demonstration.

*Galaxy S3* How to Flash Official Jelly Bean (with ODIN)

*Note that clearing the cache and hard resetting are not necessary unless it doesn’t boot! Otherwise it’s a waste* Tutorial on how to Flash Jelly Bean to i9300 with ODIN. This method can be used to flash any appropriate rom! Just make sure it is the right one for your phone! Only use this link for the i9300!!!

Find the links to ODIN and XXDLIB Here!!!

(Example of what not to do lol – and how they fixed it)