Monthly Archives: January 2013

*Galaxy Note II* Spigen SGP Ultra Thin Air CASE REVIEW

Check out this Ultra Thin Case for the Galaxy Note II. I dropped my phone 2 times when using it and it survived very well!!! I was surprised and delighted to have a product that is protective while keeping the Note’s already large form factor.

Spigen also throws in their crystal clear screen protector for the best protection you can get in such a slim form factor!

American Tasting European McDonalds *Better Taste, Better For You???*

Still testing and Vloggling with the Samsung Galaxy Camera. I am in France, testing out the differences between McDonalds taste/nutrition in the United States vs Europe (France). Actually, after much taste investigation, the French Big Mac won BIG TIME!!! It tastes very similar to the United States Big Mac but strangely tastes as tough it won’t clog arteries as badly. I found this to be true upon nutrition fact comparisons!!! hahahahahaha