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Xperia Z Ultra: What is X-Reality?

Check out how the X-Reality Engine fares…I was able to update my Z Ultra onto the .510 update! It is able to make some content look as if it has more resolution; one warning though, is that some lower resolution content tends to look even worse! It also tends to OVER-sharpen at points.

What is Triluminos?

If you want to update your HSPA+ 6802 device follow this:
Root with Vroot:
and then follow these steps:

S4 Active: Not So Good

1 meter or 3 feet huh? The S4 Active doesn’t work as advertised, causing people to need replacements for water damage. And overall I found it to be a large step downward from the original Galaxy S4. It is supposed to be able to withstand 1 meter or 3 feet for a half hour. But once you start moving the phone about it water, that point becomes moot.

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