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MOGA POWER Controllers: Pro, Hero, Ace

This multi-product review is time coded. Turn your iPhone or Android into a full gaming console and charge your phone at the same time!
1. Intro/ Lookover – Android and iPhone (0:22)
2. iPhone Moga Ace Power Controller Review (3:55)
3. Android Moga Pro and Hero Controllers Review (12:12)

I will be giving some of these controllers away for Christmas. Stay tuned!

Nexus 5: All You Need To Know

Credits: Written, filmed, produced, edited by Erica Griffin

Nexus 5 Camera filming, analysis, and other contributions by: Fran├žois Simond

This time coded review covers a vast array of topics for everything that you need to know before purchasing a Nexus 5.

Timecoded review! See timecodes below to jump to topic!

1. Introduction (0:13)
2. Build Quality (1:00)
3.A walk around the phone (3:43)
4. The New Kit Kat (6:04)
5. Fun With Apps (15:54)
6. Display Analysis (22:57)
7. Processors (24:37)
8. Audio and Issues (30:06)
9. Battery Life and Issues (34:57)
10. Connectivity (38:48)
11. The Camera Interface (43:31)
13. The Camera HDR+ and Video (47:07) Thank You Francois
14. Conclusions (52:15)

Perfect Photosphere tutorial:
Nexus 5 GPS fix: