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Nexus 6 Display Burns In Easily?

Only after a few days of having my Nexus 6 I noticed the display starting to burn in. I checked my Moto X 2014 and it is showing the same issue. To check yours make sure you use a fullscreen gallery app. NOTE: My camera and lights make the displays look pink when they don’t in real life. However, when the Nexus 6 is on low brightness it looks very pink!

Nexus 9 Review: With Nvidia Shield Tablet Comparisons

1. Introduction (0:05)
2. Design and build quality (1:07)
3. Tablet pile up (5:28)
4. The Nexus Experience and Lollipop features (7:43)
5. Specs of Nexus 9 & Nvidia Shield tablet / performance (17:17)
6. What the Nexus 9 and Nvidia Shield tablet are suited for (20:11)
7. Nexus 9 display (23:45)
8. Nexus 9 speakers, MEH! (25:28)
9. Battery life (26:18)
10. Conclusion (27:04)

Moto X (2nd Gen): Tear Down and Exploration

Well, the Moto X never made a full recovery since dropping it in water so I take it apart to find what went wrong. Hopefully this video will help guide you in taking yours apart should you need to or maybe you will learn something =)
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Moto X water test and review video:

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