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HTC M9 Leaks and M8 Still Worth It?

Thank you to Squarespace for making content creation possible! Follow for 10% off discount code on first purchase! Taking a look at the M8 now that it has Lollipop and new Eye experience. I still think it is a worthy device in comparison to what we will be expecting next!

The M8 is still one of my favorite devices! HTC is keeping the M8 clean and new by updating it to Lollipop, as well as adding new camera features. The Dot View case never gets old either. It’s still one of the smoothest (if not the smoothest) android option.

The device also has many variations from Windows Phone, to Google Play Edition and Developer edition. Of course we have the carrier models as well.

As for the M9 release, I hear that we may get 2 different versions. We may see a 5.5 inch M9 Plus and also a 5 inch M9. The respective specs otherwise will probably be the same.

There is not much that needs to be done to improve this phone, BUT I really believe that we need to see a much better camera! The camera on BOTH the M7 and M8 had issues with rendering colors correctly and color casts. We may see a 20.7 MP camera on the M9 and while that takes care of the meager 4 MP “Ultra Pixel” resolution quality, we just can’t say if HTC will get the color rendering right.


By: Erica Griffin

BlackBerry Passport Challenge: COMPLETE!

The Blackberry Passport has been a very interesting device to use for the past several weeks. I found that I could get around the lack of Google apps due to, Cobalt of He has gotten a lot of Google apps working and generally, if you are a person who does not entirely rely on Google apps, I think that this is both a unique and fantastic device!

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I had over a week to use the BlackBerry Passport as my daily driver and only phone. Here is what I think of it during the time I spent…
1. Intro (0:00)
2. A look around the device and keyboard (1:42)
3. Circling the rest of the device (6:28)
4. Interface and features I admire (9:02)
5. Thank you to for making content creation possible!(13:06)
6. Specs and display (14:51)
7. The app experience (17:10)
8. A bit about the battery life (24:02)
9. The camera interface and quality (24:58)
10. Conclusion/outro (30:49)

By: Erica Griffin

My Top 5 2014 Smartphones!

Here are my top 5 favorite smartphones of this year and why! Yet. don’t expect to hear about my overall favorite 😉

I have seen that many people have taken my decisions for favorite devices very seriously. In this video the point was not to choose the overall popular and polled devices, but rather to choose what I like “in my own opinion”. What I have decided as my favorite, won’t necessarily match with what the mean finds “the best”.

I generally choose my phones on a few parameters. The first and foremost is the user experience! I have to LIKE using the device. Then comes battery life, then camera. Lastly, but also very important, is the ease of purchase. I won’t choose a device as my favorite that is not easily obtainable. That applies to OnePlus, Samsung, LG, etc… doesn’t matter who. If a device is not easy to purchase, it doesn’t meet my category of favorites.

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M8 : 1.
Moto X 2014:
iPhone 6/+ :
Note 4:
Nexus 6:

By: Erica Griffin

Blackberry Passport Challenge: It Begins

I am determined to use the Blackberry Passport as my daily driver for a while and see how I survive.

A candid unboxing and very first impressions of the Blackberry Passport. This is not a device that is geared towards the Google user, so seeing how I will adapt over the next week or so will be interesting to say the least!

By: Erica Griffin