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I am Erica. I create REAL WORLD REVIEWS! Instead of the mundane specification based reviews, I approach tech as if the audience had gotten to take the item home to play with it!…Cellphones, tablets, news, speculations. I am such a NERD and I love this stuff!

Contact for business inquiries only: angelofmusic1989@gmail.com


I have a bachelor of science from University of California San Diego in Cognitive Science, with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction. I studied neurophysiology and psychology, which included understanding how humans function (hormones, cognition, physiology) and what they want. For my specialization I had a chance to work with computers and fully understand how they have become useful tools for everyday life. I worked with web design, mathematics and programming. Then for my minor I took many courses in Digital Media Production.

All of these things have granted me the knowledge and discipline to be able to do what I do. When I was in my first 2 years of college I became interested in making videos. I started off showing my Tamagotchi collection and reviewing those; but, as time went by I started to gain many useful skills in Digital Media and I acquired all the needed tools to be able to film and edit. I started using my skills to make comedies and skits for either myself or for my college production classes.

From there I started to buy devices because I was crazy about mobile technology and was also not so happy with not being able to find reviews that told me everything I wanted to know about devices I was interested in. I didn’t have much money, but I have a large family who never used their phone upgrades. I worked and saved up for devices when I could upgrade and afford them.

Over time I got better and more knowledgeable. I started making a good amount of money from my videos.
I started going to tech conventions and met PR, like those from Samsung, whom I borrow devices from. Mostly, I still buy my devices! I do this so that I can remain objective! Also, the PR who let me borrow devices only let me keep them for a short amount of time and I need them for much longer to develop my in-depth reviews.

So now I continue to grow. I have high hopes for the future and really plan to expand my channel.

The big thing here is that people tell me all the time that they want to review technology. Many ask how I did this and how they can do it too. My explanation is that it is not easy and usually it requires a bit of resources and/or knowledge, much of which I gained from college. If you want to be a tech reviewer you must devote your entire life to it! This is not a profession where you can slack off or be half-hearted about it. I am fully devoted to my work and it is very difficult every day. It is not an easy job, though it is a rewarding one and I am thrilled to be doing this. I am not rich. I don’t have infinite resources. I just love what I am doing.

I do get bullied a lot and receive a lot of garbage/hate behavior from people. That part isn’t so nice but I guess it comes with the territory of being seen so often on the internet, where trolls can remain anonymous.

I am a really nice person. I am very level headed and down-to-earth. I don’t think that I am above anyone ever. If anything, I just want to help and make a difference if possible. It makes me so happy! I truly appreciate all of you who support me!

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  1. Hey there I just wanted to let you know that you’re doing an amazing job and that I love how detailed you get in your videos with both Pros and Cons lol Great vids, keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re amazing at it!! I do however have a question. I know you probably won’t know the answer since I don’t expect you to be a tech support type of person but it’s worth a shot. When I first got my GS3 on Verizon LTE back in October 2012 it worked great. Had no complaints till about March of 2013. Phone kept heating up and draining battery like crazy even when I wasn’t using it!! Took it to Verizon they did a battery swap yet the same thing continued to happen so they replaced the phone itself and gave me a completely new GS3 but till today the problem consist even with the new phone. Now what I did notice when I was playing with it was that if I turn off my LTE data signal the problem stops. I tried using regular 3G but still drains the battery. I literally have to keep my phone on basic CDMA service in order for it to last me all day. I’m not sure what it could be, maybe a software issue but I’m not sure. If you have any feedback or any type of help let me know. If you can’t help that’s ok I understand :) Hope you have a great day and please more videos!!

    1. Erica you’re soooo Awesome!!! XD I love your reviews XD I’m such a huge fan! XD Hope you continue making reviews and do stuff that makes you happy 😀 God Bless! 😀

  2. Can you show us your full review tactic, or like way that you would go about testing a phone and how you tackle it. Some tools or what kind of benchmarks you use. I am not a reviewer but am just as interested in the mobile industry and have a love for all technology! Love the videos and come to Ireland sometime while you’re in Europe.

      1. Errica that was great I am a bit of a skipper but couldn’t just pass by without knowing about you and trust me learning about the academic qualification you’ve acquired… you’ve left my jaws wide open I mean holy lord! I will be damned if I could do even a bit of what you’ve done to achieve what you have right now (pardon me if this part was confusing anyways)!! you’re just too awesome!

  3. Hey Erica, nice website I see you’ve used wordpress. I like your video’s alot mainly because you also show me the cons of a device. Good luck with your video’s and maintaining your website.

  4. hi Erica , this website is fantastic , keep uploading videos because you are incredible in it ( reviewing and unboxing ). I want to know where can we ask you questions in this website or another websites as ( Facebook , etc …….)

    1. Hi Erica!
      Let me begin by saying how much i like all your smartphone reviews. they are so useful, so enlightening and frank to say the least. I had never actually visited your website until yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Oneplus One. I then went to its official website to learn more about this brand. I am now pretty interested in getting one but an invite from someone who has bought one is required on the website. I currently don’t know of anyone who owns one but you, since i watched your related video. Thus, I was wondering whether you’d be willing to send me an invite by email please. I would really appreciate it.

      Keep up with the good work Erica! I love what you do and how you do it!

  5. Hi

    Just wanted to say how much I like your videos. You do the most indepth reviews I have seen and this is exactly what I look for when deciding whether or not to buy something. It’s great you now have this site to as it’s easier to find your content on here than it is on Youtube.

    Keep up the good work :)

  6. Hey Erica…loved the in depth reviews…keep doing…
    Actually u r helping others to choose the right one…
    Thanks … :)

  7. Hi , This is Sidd . I really like the way you review mobile technology . Every other individual has its own parameter on which he/she buys a cellphone , your in depth reviews has a space which includes all those parameters and are not focused to any single line of judgement . One can without any doubt visit your channel and get the whole bunch of information he needs to decide whether to go for his next choice of cellphone or not .

  8. I thought “Insanely in-depth” was an over statement. Nope. Love your “insane” reviews. I can tell that you are very dedicated and shows a lot of attention to detail. Amazing how you can keep talking without a script and not screw up. I especially liked being schooled about the display technology. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Erica. Just want to know..do you use a case on your S4? If so would you reccomend large ones or soft bumper like ones? Love the S4 review at the moment..looking forward to part 3

  10. Yeah you seem like a interesting person who loves to go into detail no matter how silly it seems and the trolls are always gunna trying and break you down but it happens i guess it comes down to jealousy

  11. Erica I love your videos!!!! You are awesome!!!! I learn a lot from your videos! You are the best !!!!!
    😀 😀

  12. Hi Erica! Really really love your reviews!! They’re honest, complete, direct to the point, very well explained. You really help us guys who are in a dilemma as to what phone to buy.. I’m presently using Samsung S2, planning to upgrade to Note 3 when it comes out later this year.. I will definitely check your review of the Note 3! More power and God bless you!

  13. Hi,,Erica,
    your awesome .from recently i have been started to watch your videos,,those are awesome and very creative,,
    i love to watch your videos and you r the most coolest reviewer i ever seen,,
    keep it up Erica…

  14. Erica – you definitely should be working on TV – I worked on radio for
    nine years and know that you have “Outstanding” broadcasting talent.
    You are a 25 on a 10 scale – I be watching for you on national tv in the near future – your videos are beyond great ! ………..DK

  15. I have literally fallen in love with u and ur utube channel.
    Also ur website.
    best reviews, u define “In Depth”
    great work Erica.,
    N i must say u r a really cute nerd :)

      1. I so have a crush on you I love your videos . I also know little about technology and phones and tablets . I was just wondering do you have a boyfriend

  16. hi Erica,
    i recently came across one of the videos on You Yube about the review on Nexus4 and honestly was quite impressed by it. It instantly hit me to add you as one of my favourite reviewer for the tech updates. Subscribed to your channel and now this blog.
    Great work you doing Erica and im sure you have a good furture ahead in what you doing now. Your passion shows in your work.
    Further i noticed and out of curiousity, you havent included any of Moto products in your review.( Just Asian manufacturers such as samsung, HTC, LG…). I love the droid range and look forward to your review on the new Moto Droids…hopefully.

  17. Ah..Thanks i really find a way to contact Yu Ericaaa :)

    My question is little complex sorry

    I just want know which phone should i buy
    HTX 8X (Look,342ppi,good resolution)
    Nexus 4 (Stock Android)
    Note II
    I m a Advanced User of iOS,Android but i hadn’t use Windows for Phone … Basically i used Mobile For Good Browsing,Whatsapp,FB …Right Now I’m Using iPhone 4S …I m quiet Satisfy Till Now..But Due to Lack of Free Apps 😉 I m ignoring iOS this time .Should i wait For Some New Device…

    Well i m quiet impressed by the way you write the way you write About Yourself ….Full of Honest words

    one more thing can i know the better way to talk to u about more queries…i dont want to be anonymous,,i want some better place to talk to u

    Thanks Erica
    Your Fan 😛

  18. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Ah..Thanks i really find a way to contact Yu Ericaaa :)

    My question is little complex sorry

    I just want know which phone should i buy
    HTX 8X (Look,342ppi,good resolution)
    Nexus 4 (Stock Android)
    Note II
    I m a Advanced User of iOS,Android but i hadn’t use Windows for Phone … Basically i used Mobile For Good Browsing,Whatsapp,FB …Right Now I’m Using iPhone 4S …I m quiet Satisfy Till Now..But Due to Lack of Free Apps 😉 I m ignoring iOS this time .Should i wait For Some New Device…

    Well i m quiet impressed by the way you write the way you write About Yourself ….Full of Honest words

    one more thing can i know the better way to talk to u about more queries…i dont want to be anonymous,,i want some better place to talk to u

    Thanks Erica
    Your Fan 😛

  19. Hey Erica! So I really appreciate the great job you do. Your qualifications are indeed formidable and your credibility is unredoubtable. I hope you continue to do what you do and PLEASE don’t sell out like some other people have. Thanks!

  20. Hey,
    I love watching your videos on youtube and learn quite a bit from them… I shattered the glass on my s3, bought the glass replacement kit and everything but chickened out on heating the phone and changing the glass :/ #FAIL!!!!
    I have been looking for a decent Pico Projector and I seek your unbiased opinion on whats a decent purchase. I know you generally do cell phones and such but I’d really appreciate your help in making this decission.

  21. I think you ROCK & are absolutely adorable & charming in every video you post! I am subscribed to your channel from two different YouTube accounts & appreciate every review you take the time to make because they DO help other nerds like me who just want a real person’s review on an item they are thinking of plunking a lot of money down on.
    Also, you inspired me to create a 2nd YouTube channel after getting beat- buying a counterfeit Note 2 back plate from a “top rated” eBay endorsed “power seller”. I couldn’t find any information online or videos about this particular item… so I made one myself & HOPE it will help someone else. As you have done for so many.
    I have two jobs & both suck the life out of me but I love them! So glad you can now make a living doing what you love & are SO talented at! And keep other nerds entertained! You’ll get your 100,000 subscribers in no time! Keep up the great work!

      1. That you are charming is an understatement. Great work Erica! So happy for you that you’ve attained this level as a reviewer.

        So, will you be taking a look at the Moto X? It intrigues me and would like to know what you think. I have the HTC One and I like many things about it but other things not. I’ve had good luck with Motorola and I want to know more about this new venture, and possibly make a change.

        Thank you,


  22. Bullies are often just stupid people who don’t understand and instead poke fun. Take it as a sign the more your bullied the stupider the people are around you lol.

    Great videos, very helpful thank you.

  23. hi Erica
    how are you?
    i have galaxy S3
    but when i try to charge s3 , cannot and i buy new battery , is the same thing
    i don’t know what happen
    if you have any answer , plz replay me :(

  24. Hi Erica,

    Only discovered your You Tube videos a few days ago and I am very impressed.
    Great information, great humour and great production values :-)

    And you are far better looking that most techno nerds !!!

    Please keep up the great work

    Simon – from England

  25. I personally think you are awesome. You are beautiful and intelligent. In short you my dear are perfect. Keep doing what you do. Maybe one day your #1 fan (aka ME) can meet that lucky guy you call a boyfriend :) I hoping some of that luck he has will rub off on me :)

  26. Congratulations on launching your website! I love watching your videos, not just due to your amazing technological prowess — and more importantly the way you can communicate it in a simultaneously fun and informative way — but due your great personality and general positive attitude. I hope this website can become the discussion and communication forum we all want it to turn into.

  27. Hey Erica,

    I think you are doing great with your awesome reviews, I just love the detail you describe everything with,and I hope to see an updated review on the Ubuntu edge phone, that sounded like the most amazing piece of technology yet!

    Keep up the great work 😉

  28. Off topic. Hi Erica I’m Fernando from Brazil and I love your vídeos and I think I’m falling for you oh my god you are so sexy!

  29. although i cant afford any of these phones i still keep on watching your videos.
    i do not know why,but i just love your videos.

  30. Hi Erica. I’m an Android enthusiast.

    Anyway, after reading this I really don’t see how on Earth you can be bullied and receive hate from what you do. But after all, this is the Internet I guess. I’m guessing those haters are just iPhone users LOL.

    I posted to you on Google Plus by the way, letting you know who I am and how we could collaborate in the future. I’d really appreciate it if you replied to such, even if the answer is no. I understand your schedule is a hectic one, but hey replies only take up maybe what – 3 minutes max? LOL just trying to make you laugh.

    I hope to hear amazing things from you in the future.

    This is an official reply from Damian Downfall “Android photographer / enthusiast” to Erica Griffin “Angel of Tech”.

  31. What type of font do you use for your phone? By the way, keep up the great work love your website and your videos. I started watching your videos last night and was astonished by you. I love your voice and how you review things. Keep up the great work. I will gladly tell everyone about your channel!

  32. Love your videos. Super informative.

    and here’s a question for you:

    I don’t know know when Samsung began to implement transparent notification bars, but do you think part of their reasoning may have been to help “prevent” blue subpixel burn-in? To help reduce duration of a static image.

  33. Great video’s
    Good voice and you keep things quick but interesting.
    New fan anyway.
    Looking forward to the new Nexus 5 vids.

    Oh and ignore the haters and bullies. Too many A holes about.

  34. very impressed with your in depth videos

    it would be awesome if you could post phone recommendations on your website that are based on features, such as “my favorite 3 phones for camera quality” or “my favorite 3 phones for music playback” or “the 3 phones with the most impressive screen quality” etc.


  35. Hi Erica
    I just wanna say thank you for what you do This website and your reviews are just amazing and i think they give people what they need to know The other thing i like is your clear and speed talking :) For me as a person from Slovakia witch is in the middle of Europe is absolutely fantastic that i can understand almost every word that you say :)
    I wish you all the best in what you do Erica
    Stay smily 😉

  36. Hey there,

    I have only just discovered your mobile phone reviews and I think they’re fantastic – you come from a user and consumer friendly level and from what I’ve seen without the hype or bias usually associated with reviews. In fact, you’ve saved me some money in not buying a phone you reviewed so thanks. BTW, I have not been able to find any reviews by yourself on the Sony Experia Z1 (only the Z) – can you please point me in the direction of this review if you’ve completed one – or if not – is there a chance you could review this smartphone in the near future.


  37. Erica,

    I just found your youtube channel and review of the Nexus 5. Quite simply the best review of a mobile device I have ever seen (and i’ve been around tech and an avid reader of tech journalism for ~20 years). Take stock of the good feedback above and keep doing what you’re doing and improving and you’ll never want for great opportunities coming in the future. Well done.



  38. Hello Erica,

    I am writing this from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You have received another new subscriber (aka ME). CONGRATS!!
    Your review of the LG G2 phone was awesome and in depth. I did some shopping online to find out the features of this phone. Upon exploring You Tube videos as well, I managed to find your reviews and after careful thought and consideration I upgraded from the LG Optimus G to the LG G2 phone. I must say the G2 phone does have bells and whistles that other smartphones may not have. I am still exploring the features of the G2.

    Thank You!! You are AWESOME!!!!! Keep those fantastic reviews coming. I have your website saved in my favorites category on my computer and check your site every couple of weeks to find out what new phone is being reviewed.

  39. Thanks for the hard work you put in for making these detailed videos.
    Just curious how you can afford to keep buying all these expensive devices for the reviews. How do you make a living?

  40. Hi Erica,
    Congratulations! Your reviews are outstanding!
    I would like to ask you some questions but I am not in Facebook. What’s the best way to reach you?

  41. Hi! Erica,

    You weren’t kidding when you said insanely in-depth. I just stumbled upon the Nexus 5 review and really liked it. Super job!

    Curious to know some of the apps and widgets that you use during the video, would be really nice if you covered that in some manner.

    All the best for the holidays and keep up the good work.


  42. Hi There,

    Would just like to say a big thank you for all the hard work you put into your website and video’s. As someone who changes his smartphone on a regular basis (much to my wife’s annoyance) I have found that your comprehensive reviews and conclusions have become my first and main stop in researching my next purchase.

    Keep up the good….no, make that great work.

    All the best.


  43. Erica I love your videos!!!! You are awesome!!!! I learn a lot from your videos! You are the best :D!!!!!

    I just want know which phone should i buy.
    1-Samsung Galaxy S-III
    2-Samsung Note-II
    3-Sony Xperia ZR

    I shall be very thankful to you if you resolve my this matter.

    Thank’s & Regard’s
    Muhammad Talha,

  44. After your very interesting and amazing educated video on the difference between lcd and super amoled screens, I did notice the blue pixel burn on the bottom of my Sprint galaxy s3 only on the web browser logo. Your such an amazing person to go to for help with in depth information.

  45. Hi Erica
    I seem to have stumbled across your YT channel on your b’day. And I am glad I did.
    You weren’t just kidding when you said, “in depth” and “nerd”. 😀

    I just am a little sad that you already met the love of your life! 😛
    Kiddin. I am happy about it! :) So that’s ok.

    I wish you get more views and subscribers! :)

  46. Hi Erica

    Just want to praise you for the amazing reviews you make. I watch your videos everyday and you make picking up a new phone a much easier task.

    Best of luck!

  47. Great job with the reviews! Helped confirm my take on the LG G2. It was like I had the device in my hands and going through stuff. Ive looked at 8 reviews so far but none as in depth and as fun as yours. The 52 Min video flew by and now im late for work lol. Have a great day.

  48. I think Erica Griffin is one of the best reviewers on the web. I love the fact that she doesn’t take herself too seriously while at the same time conveying to her viewers she knows her stuff.

    Her awesome “All You Need To Know” video review of the Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone (or phablet if you’re cool with that moniker) greatly influenced my decision to purchase that phone in 2013.

    Initially I didn’t think I’d watch the entire video (55 minutes) however by the time I made my decision to purchase the phone I had watched all 33 chapters (she time stamped each chapter to allow the viewer to watch the chapters that were of particular interest to them… freaking genius!!).

    Erica, you are a joy to watch and you hit us up with great information in the process. Your trolls are jealous and wish they could do anything as well as you do this. Ignore them, your admirers outnumber your trolls. We got your back!

    Much love from a new admirer and fan.

  49. Hi Erica just watched your Note 3 review on You Tube and had to comment. Your review was so interesting and informative – I learned many new features of my Note and your comments have enriched my use of this device. MANY thanks!!!

  50. Erica…I really enjoyed your video on the Galaxy Note 3. I learned a tremendous amount information that will help me use my device to its fullest capability. Your reviews are very professional and the presentation is interesting. I see a very bright future for you in the tech business. Keep up the great work and dedication to your craft. Thanks and Take Care – Steve

  51. Hi Erica, i really like your video and reviews. It is so details and informative. I do learned many of new features and knowledge about the latest mobile technologies. I do really appreciate it ~ Many many thanks.

    Best Regards,

  52. Hi Erica,
    Just a quick thank you note for all the amazing reviews you have done so far.
    I do get it is a lot of work and also thank you for giving us some insight in your backgroung and understanding how to get this AMAZING :)

    Currently waiting to receive my 8″ tablet(I chose the galaxy tab pro 8.4 after hesitating with the Lenovo Thinkpad 8)

    PS : All the best and have a good time in France next time too 😉

  53. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these fantastic videos!!! It is so refreshing to see a beautiful young lady embrace knowledge and share it with the world. I have learned so much, and avoided making so many mistakes with the help of your detailed reviews.
    Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration!

  54. Thank you for your enthusiastic review`s of the Moto G. It was full of information in the most dramatic and entertaining way. I like a lot of people am fascinated by Smart phones and electronic gadgets, but at the same time wary and over protective of what I think of as a fragile item.
    Great Job.

  55. I love your videos and admire them a lot my display is over saturated on my samsung galaxy s4 and you made me a geek

  56. As I have a tendency to, as it has been described by a friend, ‘analyse the crap’ out of everything, my research into buying a new mobile, (cell phone), led me to watch dozens of reviews.

    I would take this opportunity to thank you for your really in depth, and very entertaining review of the Moto G. Though I had seen several others, I would certainly say that it was primarily your review that clinched it when I made my final decision and purchased one some weeks ago. I would also confirm that your evaluation of the phone was as comprehensive as any review could be, and I am really pleased with it.

    Keep up the excellent work, maintain your bubbly personality and may I wish you all the best for the future.

  57. FINALLY!! Finally a place where one can find PROPER reviews …made intelligently, with common sense, and covering all aspects of the actual gadget in depth and detail!
    Congratulations Erica, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your excellent work!
    From now on, there are only 2 things I will do whenever I’m deciding which smartphone to go for next (which happens quite often):
    1: Quickly check specs on gsmarena.com
    2: Check Erica’s review, thoughts and advice on the smartphone in question

  58. Hi Erica, you make the best reviews an your work is awesome. Just a little complain that you don’t review Sony Xperia flagships in detail like the Xperia Z2. But still, you’re the best reviewer i know!

  59. Dear Erica,

    I find your reviews and opinions very refreshing and insightful. I actually bought a Moto G mobile on the strength of watching your review.

    Keep up the good work, I am somewhat older than you by MANY years, but appreciate your knowledge.

    Rise above the stupidity of those who may try to bully you; you are far better than them.

    Kind regards

  60. Erica-

    Thanks for review of the Samsung Note 4 and for all the content, it was helpful for me in my research on the best options to make an upgrade from a Galaxy SIII that is at end of life.

    Keep on reviewing :).



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