BlackBerry Q10 Review: Is It Any Good?

WHY DID KEYBOARDS EVER DIE!? This is my small review of the Blackberry Q10 and my experiences with it thus far.

A website that converts APKs to BAR for you:
It links directly to the Google Play Store, so that you don’t have to go searching everywhere for APKs =)

Google Chrome PlayBook App Manager Extension:
Easily install your BAR files onto your BlackBerry device with this Chrome plug-in. First install it. Then under the window tab go to :Extensions – PlayBook Manager – Options and add your BlackBerry Q10 ip address. Then click manager your device.

You can also get the BlackBerry developer sideloading application. It may be less buggy, but this Chrome method is very simple and easy.

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Erica Griffin

HI! My name is Erica Griffin. I am known on the interwebs as The Technology Nerd Who Likes to Film Stuff. I create insanely in-depth technology reviews as well as blog my experiences about what it is like to incorporate them into everyday living! I am from San Diego, CA. I went to the University of California, San Diego for my bachelors degree in Cognitive Science (I studied brains and hormones and why people do what they do). I specialized in Human Computer Interaction. Then I minored in Digital Media Production. Mix that all together and you get THE TECHNOLOGY NERD WHO LIKES TO FILM STUFF hehe. I love my boyfriend, Fran├žois Simond, aka Supercurio, from XDA. He means everything to me and has been so supportive of me through all this! I love tech (obviously), I like to sing, I like to make origami models, I love to travel, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior....

5 thoughts on “BlackBerry Q10 Review: Is It Any Good?”

  1. hello Erica,
    nice review, you r very technical reviewer unlike most of females but that is very good.
    Erica i have VIP question for me and i hope U know , Which is longer life battery BB 9900 or BB Q10 ?

  2. Hi!
    You are doing very good job, also You’re very pretty, what is value add to Your reviews. I have one request, if I can. I need business review of this phone. For instance, can I configure my own e-mail mailbox by using IMAP (without BIS or BES) and how many accounts can I use (maybe with no limits), is there a possibility to view the attachements (for example M$ documents or adobe files – only view, not necessarily edit), how long is text message (after which sign it turns into the mms), can I send vcards by sms (not mms, like android as). How many profiles can We have and how much configureable are they. And many, many business things. I’m not interested in community things or multimedia. This phone I will use to work, no fun :) Andorid, unfortunately, is more for fun, than for work (I have SGS2) totally crap for me. Sorry for my bad English, perhaps I use polish grammar style. I always was weak in reporters speech.

  3. Hey, really liked your review, dunno why your Q10 is heating up mine has never even been warm, except for charging due to internal resistance (normal).

    You sound like you know well how to sideload apps and stuff so you should try out the new 10.2.1 OS, it allows you to install .apk files on the device, no repacking or signing!

    Oh and I get much better battery life than you seem to get, it out does the iPhone 5 and falls in line with the S4 for playing the same 1080p video on loop.

    Anyway, would love to see you do a software review of the new os in the new year!

  4. I’ve been considering buying a Q10 because of the keyboard and appreciate you taking the time to create the review.
    My question is: how is the reception and voice clarity as a phone?

  5. Enjoyed your Q10 review. Still trying to figure out the following things about it before I take the plunge :)

    -I would be getting it as a personal phone not a business phone. Will the Q10’s calendar and contacts synchronize with my google calendar and contacts? (my curve 8900 lost this feature when the protocols changed).
    -What’s the situation for maps apps? On my curve 8900 I used the google maps app with GPS and it worked just fine. Does the Q10 have it’s own maps app? or can one still use google maps
    -Are there any tablets (apart from the BB one) with which the Q10 can be used as a tether?
    -You mentioned that the battery life on the Q10 is average. I agree that’s disappointing as my curve 8900 gets days on each charge. What phones do you think have the best battery life?

    Best regards,


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