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Galaxy S4 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: Part 4 (Everything Else)

Battery Life, Cameras, Audio, S Health & Sensors: Get the final Low Down on the Galaxy S4.

1. Intro (0:00)
2. S Health (0:37)
3. Audio Quality (6:14)
4. Battery Life (9:01)
5. Antennas & Reactivate AWS (11:19)
6. Camera Interface & Features (13:20)
7. Camera Tests & Analysis (20:26)

Giveaway Teaser:
Enable AWS Band:

Part 1: (Features)
Part 2: (Display Quality)
Part 3: (Processors and Issues)

BlackBerry Q10 Review: Is It Any Good?

WHY DID KEYBOARDS EVER DIE!? This is my small review of the Blackberry Q10 and my experiences with it thus far.

A website that converts APKs to BAR for you:
It links directly to the Google Play Store, so that you don’t have to go searching everywhere for APKs =)

Google Chrome PlayBook App Manager Extension:
Easily install your BAR files onto your BlackBerry device with this Chrome plug-in. First install it. Then under the window tab go to :Extensions – PlayBook Manager – Options and add your BlackBerry Q10 ip address. Then click manager your device.

You can also get the BlackBerry developer sideloading application. It may be less buggy, but this Chrome method is very simple and easy.

Galaxy S4 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: Part 2

This part is all about the S4 display! See how it compares to the S3 and HTC One in crazy depth.

1. S4 vs S3 pixel density (0:05)
2. S3 Black Clipping (1:53)
3. S4 vs HTC One (5:27)
4. Display Vibrancy (9:01)
5. Galaxy S4 Display Issues (11:44)
6. S4 Display Modes Explained (16:34)
7. Blue Pixel Burn In (19:11)
8. Sunlight Visibility (21:28)
9. End (21:50)

Galaxy S4 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: Part 1

***PART 1***PART 1***Time Coded***
My huge, in-depth review is very large so I am uploading it in several parts =) Enjoy.
Here is my website:

Time Codes:
1. Introduction (0:00)
2. The Guided Tour: Sensors, Features and more (1:01)
3. Galaxy S4 Size Comparison: HTC One, Note 2, S3, iPhone 5 (6:32)
4. Build Quality: Drops and fixability (8:39)
5. Gorilla Glass 3: How good is it? (12:05)
6. What’s up for the next video? S4 Display and comparisons! (14:39)

S4 Insufficient storage issue

Sim Adapters that work without damaging your sim card tray

S3 Iron Man 3 cover

Galaxy S4 Insufficient Storage Issue: GL to SD (Root) Solution

The 16GB Galaxy S4 has very little storage available after system storage and Samsung’s software are taken into account. 9GB is not enough these days,as apps are getting bigger! GL to SD is a very useful app that I wish more people knew about!

Auto-root (easy rooting for beginners)
Root i9500 –
Root i9505 –
Root i337m (Canadian only) –

Motochopper Exploit (ROOT method) – No auto-root available.
AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile –
Root Verizon –