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Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: Which One? In-Depth Comparison

In-depth comparison to help you decide which phone is best for you! I hope this is both entertaining and educational =) Please ask me questions so that I can include anything I missed in my In-Depth Individual reviews.

HTC ONE logo Menu hack
different displays

HTC One Display Variations Thread

Black Clipping Test Image

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introduction (0:00)
1. START S4 Pros and Cons
2. S4 Screen Pros (1:42:14)
3. S4 Screen Cons (6:31)
4. S4 Build Quality (9:20)
5. Gorilla Glass 3 (11:26)
6. S4 Build Cons(12:32)
7. Removable Battery and Battery Life(13:07)
8. Expansion and Why Memory is so Important (14:41)
9. Galaxy S4 Camera and It’s Advantages (16:10)
10. Android 4.2.2 and All S4 Sensors/Features (18:05)
11. Glove Sensitivity – S4 Wins, One FAILS! (28:08)
12. S4 Processor Advantages Over HTC One (29:15)
13. Thoughts/Differences with S4 Exynos – I will have one soon! (32:21)
14. Firmware Update Advantages (33:44)
START HTC ONE Pros and Cons
15. HTC One Display Pros (34:13)
16. A Warning About Amoled Displays (35:53)
17. Cons of HTC One Display (39:40)
18. HTC One Build Quality & Feel (41:59)
19. Boom Sound and Front Stereo Speakers (45:11)
20. Sense – A New Take on Android (49:25)
21. HTC Zoe Stand Out Feature *See description for full tutorial* (52:11)
22. HTC One Camera Pros and Cons (54:21)
23. Match for Match Similarities (56:03)
24. Which Do I Choose/ Best Configurations (57:06)
25. Thank You All – Which Do You Choose? (58:46)

UNBREAKABLE Galaxy S3!!! *iloome ScreenMate Tempered Glass Screen Protector*

Make your Galaxy S3 screen unbreakable!!! iloome makes a tempered (hardened glass) screen protector that will protect your screen from drops or impacts! With a hammer the screen protector breaks but the glass beneath doesn’t!

Plus the glass screen protector gives you all the advantages of the glass below it! (They make these for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, Note II, SIII, and S 4!!!)

Galaxy S3 Destruction! *only a broken screen, not the entire phone, SO CHILL!!!

Galaxy S3 REBUILD *the time I got a new screen and rebuilt my Galaxy S3*

Xperia T/Z Shatterproof Sheet Removal *T Scratch Demonstration*

T and Z may have different glass but both have the same screen sheet. Sony oddly glues a screen protector onto their scratch resistant glass. They call this a shatterproof sheet and keeps broken glass shards from leaving the glass. It scratches easily and after a while does no good for visibility. Watch as I torture and remove it!!!

iPhone 5 iloome ScreenMate *Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review*

This tempered glass screen protector is like having a piece of gorilla glass protecting your Gorilla Glass. This thing protects your screen like no other! If you were to drop your phone, this screen protector would crack and not your display underneath =)