Francois’s MWC 2013 Recap

First MWC completed assisting Erica around Barcelona and during the event. Of course I also my own analysis agenda and built an experimental software and hardware lab to carry around and study the devices exposed.

Some of the most remarkable devices have been the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z (that’s not as fragile as you might think), LG Optimus G Pro, and Erica made videos for all three.

The lab in question was made of Voodoo Report app, Voodoo Screen Test patterns with a colorimeter and HCFR running on a Windows 8 tablet, and Voodoo Audio measurements player with a high quality USB sound card.

It allows to become a low more knowledgeable and make better reviews than when based only on visual or subjective observations.

Edit: Here are some pics of the lab in action :)


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