Galaxy Note 4 Review: All You Need To Know

Time Coded Review
1. Intro (0:04)
2. Design and Build (0:40)
3. Size and screen size comparison (7:12)
4. Thank you to for making content creation possible! (9:06) follow to download a free audiobook of your choice
5. S Pen features (10:30)
6. Pen improvements over Note 3/ Multitasking (16:47)
7. One handed operation on a HUGE device (22:27)
8. Improvements to S Health and new sensor features (25:16)
9. Fingerprint scanner (28:11)
10. Interface and Performance (30:36)
11. The display, calibration, and uniformity issues (32:40)
12. The speaker (38:27)
13. Battery life, quick charge and power saving (39:18)
14. Connectivity (41:58)
15. The camera interface (43:03)
16. Camera performance (47:49)
17. Conclusion and outro (54:09)

Note 4 review footage

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