Galaxy Note II Vs. Galaxy SIII Display *NO MORE BLACK CLIPPING!!!*

****READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION!!!**** All phones here with exynos (DNIe)! Comparing Galaxy Note II DISPLAYS against Galaxy S3. Both are stock ****JELLY BEAN**** but rooted. Galaxy S3 display is awesome but gets wonky with shadows in dark scenes. Samsung has done a lot of work to keep their display from clipping black in dark scenes. The have also gotten better with the range of colors shown in dark scenes.

For any failures in shadow between Note II and SIII I await Supercurio’s app “Display Expert”!!!

Download the channel gradients: near-black-blue, near-black-green, near-red-blue and near-black

Must be stock!!!!!!!!!!! Can be rooted. Must be in standard display mode. Test at full brightness and observe behavior from there! Make sure first´╗┐ that you have auto adjust screen tone off!!! See settings, display, then tick off auto adjust screen tone. Make sure you download these images to the gallery and don’t view them in the web browser!!!

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