GALAXY S3 – Sound Compression Issue!!! (READ DESCRIPTION)

THIS WILL BE FIXED!!! Get your pitch forks ready! Samsung has done some crazy stuff to the microphone recording during video.

As far as I understand, during video, it records at a low sampling rate (or how much audio information is recorded in a unit of time – in this case, low). They resample [recompress] it ( they digitally change how much information is present – which can leave gaps in information). Then they use dynamic range compression (taking the lowest sound and matching it to the loudness of the highest sound before it distorts). – Thank you, Supercurio… I believe this is what you were getting at!

All This going on = CRAP. All this was done so that they phone would respond, ironically, to a larger range of sounds. But THEY DID IT WRONG!!!

So, when you upload straight from the phone to YouTube, there is no more compression done (technically – not counting YouTube). – Thanks STU!

But when you open it on your computer and edit it in Final Cut, which I did, there is even more rendering and compression done to the poor file! The audio breaks and distorts.

So until this is fixed, I guess I will upload straight to YouTube and not edit the video in Final Cut. lol

Supercurio is aware =D He knows I am pissed lol. Samsung and Wolfson are also aware!

Anyway, I will be giving away some awesome stuff so stay tuned!

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