Galaxy S4 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: Part 2

This part is all about the S4 display! See how it compares to the S3 and HTC One in crazy depth.

1. S4 vs S3 pixel density (0:05)
2. S3 Black Clipping (1:53)
3. S4 vs HTC One (5:27)
4. Display Vibrancy (9:01)
5. Galaxy S4 Display Issues (11:44)
6. S4 Display Modes Explained (16:34)
7. Blue Pixel Burn In (19:11)
8. Sunlight Visibility (21:28)
9. End (21:50)

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15 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: Part 2”

  1. I wish you would have mentioned something about the pink tint issue. I’m trying to decide whether to just deal with it or get a new one. It’s fairly annoying to see half of your screen darker than the other half (with auto adjust and adapt display off). But I don’t know if it’s annoying enough to send to Samsung. Can’t take it back to the store because the phone was given to me :-(

    Any suggestions?

    1. This is not a common issue and it means that your panel is defective. You should not have a two toned display. I would find that dreadful and annoying and would try to get Samsung to repair that.

      1. Thanks. I called Samsung and spoke to them about the phone and they said I could send it in for repair. But I can’t afford to be without a phone for two weeks. At least not during the summer. Sigh…the screen may bother me, but looks like I’ll just have to deal with it for now :-( oh well.

        What do you think would be the possibilities of getting a phone back that’s actually worse than the one I have now?

        1. Of course it is always a possibility to get a screen with the same issue but if Samsung is repairing it and putting a new display, they should pay attention to the quality. You should at least get something better.

          1. I’ve noticed that your s4 also displays a pinkish hue at the bottom of the screen. Its fairly subtle but is noticeable.

            Look at 19:47 of your display video. The grey at the bottom is slightly pinkish captured to the grey at the lower part of the screen.

            My s4 has a pinkish hue at the bottom and i’m debating whether to exchange it for another one.

  2. You have great page here!

    I choose S4 over HTC One becouse even HTC fits into my hand better and it looked better the software updates in previous HTC:s were about non-existent. In addition 0,2″ more screen estate (as I like to watch movies on the phone, thanks for great involvement on that in your video!) and removable battery/micro SD card slot and hand gestures were things that made me buy S4 instead of One.

    One thing that you could cover in future episodes or just comment is the power consumption of this display. I just wonder how someone with heavy usage manages full day without charging. I have Mobile data, Air view and Air gesture on, everything else off and display brightness one click from left (about 20-30%) and with just playing around, not playing, browsing flipboard and reading RSS-feeds and browse some light www-pages or something as light. The battery meter falls over 10% per half an hour or more. I think this is not something that I thing for 2013 device, it is about the same that my old HTC Desire, which is famous for poor battery life (I managed to tweek all other settings in HTC so it was acceptable, but in form of ease of use quite handicapped). Have you noticed this kind of battery drain, is the 3/4G still battery hog (as 3G in Desire) if it just is logged in and transfers data quite small amounts? In greater downloads or in heavier web pages 3G drains battery extremely fast! I have minimized all data transfer as the phone is not screen on (manual updates except mail check for every 2-4 hours or so).

    Another thing I noticed is that the gradient upper bar is only in stock wallpapers, in or is it some option I didn’t catch?

    Thanks again for great videos and very good information in those!

  3. hello Erica iam wondering how you got the Samsung galaxy camera did Samsung give it to you do demo because if so I was wondering to demo product and how to do that please contact me back

  4. hey erica, the camera app on my s4 takes an awful long time to start up..and on instagram the screen freezes and theres a total balck screen… have the gt19500..pls help me out.
    thank you :)

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