Galaxy S4 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: Part 4 (Everything Else)

Battery Life, Cameras, Audio, S Health & Sensors: Get the final Low Down on the Galaxy S4.

1. Intro (0:00)
2. S Health (0:37)
3. Audio Quality (6:14)
4. Battery Life (9:01)
5. Antennas & Reactivate AWS (11:19)
6. Camera Interface & Features (13:20)
7. Camera Tests & Analysis (20:26)

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Enable AWS Band:

Part 1: (Features)
Part 2: (Display Quality)
Part 3: (Processors and Issues)

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8 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: Part 4 (Everything Else)”

  1. I use S-Health very often with a PIN password and I never had any problem like in the video. It seems like only happen on that model.
    I do have problems sometimes when I opened the camera, the phone restart itself. You said it when you compare the international version and the At&t version. It will be really nice that samsung fix this bug on a future update.

    My S4 it’s the I9500


    1. I’m sure it is just a bug that will be fixed. If it is not a problem for you, that is great. As I have lots of American viewers, it’s pretty relevant to mention.

  2. I have been reading that they have come out with a firmware update that allows Apps to SD for the Galaxy S4 but when I go and look at the update details on AT&T site it doesn’t say anything about that. I was wondering if you have heard about this and is it true.

  3. Hi Erica,
    Thanks for the reviews, and good as always. However I’m wondering if you’ve heard of this happening before.
    Having tested it’s camera quality before hand, I brought my unlocked S4 (GT-I9505) from Ireland to New Orleans on vacation and was using it (always at its highest/best setting) pretty much instead of a digital camera for both stills and video, being on my own I loved the picture in picture. Unfortunately when I got home and downloaded and started to watch everything on a larger screen (27″ iMac I was absolutely sick, the first video clip was great but the next 2 or 3 were barely viewable (if possible I like to record a few clips one after the other no longer than 20-25 seconds at a time). Looking at the Metadata it turns out that the 1st one is recorded in full quality and the others in lowest quality. And never had I gone near the settings to change them, nor would I: as I’ve always said to friends if they’ve asked for advice, you can always downgrade a high quality picture ,but you can never upgrade a poor quality one.
    When I went back to the shop where I’d bought it from and asked if they had any idea what was happening? They said that one of the staff had had the same experience and that it is something the phone does itself. If it’s still processing a video clipin the background and you start recording another clip, then it records that clip in lowest quality to ensure the first bit is processed properly… I don’t know if they’re telling the truth or just trying to fob me off, so I’m hoping you can give me a (trusted) definitive answer??? Because if that’s true then I’m stunned there’s no warning about of it.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. What in the world…I have never heard of this happening! I used my phone all throughout France and never saw this issue! I wonder if it has something to do with the firmware version you are using. If possible, I would go to and download a i9505 rom from a different region. You should be able to flash any of them that say they are for the i9505! Get rid of that firmware!

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