Galaxy S4: Dangerous Fraud Replacement Parts

Fake S4 parts are being sold all over the internet! I purchased a “genuine” S4 glass lens and the seller told me that it was officially made by Samsung! BEWARE!

*****Galaxy S4 REAL GORILLA GLASS 3 Part*****:

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Erica Griffin

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28 thoughts on “Galaxy S4: Dangerous Fraud Replacement Parts”

  1. Hi Erica,

    I have recently dropped and cracked my Note 2. The glass is cracked but the digitizer still works. I have succeeded in removing the glass from the screen without damaging the digitizer and I have ordered a Topaz Blue glass for my Note 2. How do I know if it’s fake? The Topaz Blue galaxy note 2 does actually exist in some countries.


    1. This is why it is best to leave the glass on before getting the replacement. If I was you I would go to a store that has real working phones and compare it to a blue one. Always make sure the font that says Samsung is perfectly formed and not smudged. Also see if you can compare if the pattern underneath the glass is perfectly like the original. Did the seller claim it was OEM or original? Or did the seller say only compatible with?

      1. As far as I know the blue one is only available in Korea so it will be difficult to compare the colors. The ebay listing did not mention anything about being original or OEM, but I asked the seller and he said it was authentic and it was made in a Samsung factory in China.

      1. It will cost you about $230 give or take. The reason is that the digitizer does not come alone for purchase. It comes together as an assembly with the amoled display, digitizer and gorilla glass. That will cost you about $230.

  2. Hey! Where did you buy the fake Samsung Galaxy S4? I wanna it too. How much did it cost you? Thank you already!

    1. I bought it from a random eBay seller from the United Kingdom. Just type S4 dummy phone into eBay and pick one.

  3. Ouch! I wouldn’t want that breaking inside my pocket. That’s just ridiculous. eBay is full of these things. You really have to know what to look for. Some replica products look very close to the originals.

  4. I am extremely cautious about buying from eBay. I’ve seen so many fake products being sold and the sad thing is that not many people care to look into it being real or not. I loved the video and look forward to seeing your iloome review!!

  5. This is every every market. Hard to crack down on them. Ebay at least has ratings but some vendors ignore them anyway. What can we do ? I think one has to ask them if it’s fake or not,etc. And buy with paypal so you can complain.
    Loved your Note 2 video. I am waiting for the Note 3 before I get my first smartphone.

  6. Hi Erica,

    I recently got a S4 i337 from a dumdum whom fried the usb port. I opened the device and most of it looks intact except the daughterboard where sits the usb port of course. I was about to purchase the piece from and get an OEM battery as well but this post made me think twice before ordering. What do you think?

    Plus, while I was creating my cx profile on their website, they were taking about intellectual properties regulation from hongkong and that i might get charges from customs. Any infos i should know before clicking?

    Anyways, keep up the great content you provide us. I love it. I wish you’d have a twin sister in Montreal so i could marry her 😛

    Thanks in advance!


  7. Hi Erica I need to buy a replacement glass for my S4 but I’m from Perú so the shipping will be doubling the price and I wanted to know if you know a seller on ebay who does sell the genuine glass, I think if they scam me, from here there’s no way to get my money back :(. Thanks

    1. NOPE, dont bother with ebay. I’m serious! If you order a cheap part from there you will regret it dearly! Go with e trade supply like I said.

  8. How were you able to buy the OEM part from etrade? Every time I try to order one it tells me i must be a business to get it through customs. How did you get around this?

  9. Hello I just broked my galaxy s4 screen but I’m not sure if the digitizer is broke too, but the phone still has all of its functions also is that the real screen because in my country it’s $150 and on eBay and amazon it’s only 5 dollars please respond,thankyou

  10. Hi Erica,

    Thanks for your brilliant post. Are you 100% confident that etrade supply is selling the genuine OEM samsung s4 screen?

    Thanks again

  11. Hello Erica, Thank you very much for your review, i am going to get a new glass replacement for my galaxy s4. Are the glasses offered by etrade supply will fit my phone? Also, will i need extra tools like adhesive or anything like that? (I have the international versión GT-I9500) Thank you!

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