Galaxy S4 Insufficient Storage Issue: GL to SD (Root) Solution

The 16GB Galaxy S4 has very little storage available after system storage and Samsung’s software are taken into account. 9GB is not enough these days,as apps are getting bigger! GL to SD is a very useful app that I wish more people knew about!

Auto-root (easy rooting for beginners)
Root i9500 –
Root i9505 –
Root i337m (Canadian only) –

Motochopper Exploit (ROOT method) – No auto-root available.
AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile –
Root Verizon –

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4 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 Insufficient Storage Issue: GL to SD (Root) Solution”

  1. Hello, hint today a mayor upgrade was downloaded and
    Now We can move any app into the sd with a simple selection button to transfer in or out of the s4! : )
    I wish i could paste the screen shot for the you, bug you can test it by yourself

  2. Really great reviews, I learn a lot when I look at them, love the way you highlight the good, the bad and the ugly. Great work keep it up.

  3. hi, I am new to gs4 but i’ve noticed that after uninstalling some app ,the storage just won’t comes back to the original state. it add a little bit more Mb>>> (739.7mb) before installing the app ,then (740.1) after uninstall app” thinking that still got some files or anything left inside” what i have to do? is that normal?

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