Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: Which One? In-Depth Comparison

In-depth comparison to help you decide which phone is best for you! I hope this is both entertaining and educational =) Please ask me questions so that I can include anything I missed in my In-Depth Individual reviews.

HTC ONE logo Menu hack
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HTC One Display Variations Thread

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introduction (0:00)
1. START S4 Pros and Cons
2. S4 Screen Pros (1:42:14)
3. S4 Screen Cons (6:31)
4. S4 Build Quality (9:20)
5. Gorilla Glass 3 (11:26)
6. S4 Build Cons(12:32)
7. Removable Battery and Battery Life(13:07)
8. Expansion and Why Memory is so Important (14:41)
9. Galaxy S4 Camera and It’s Advantages (16:10)
10. Android 4.2.2 and All S4 Sensors/Features (18:05)
11. Glove Sensitivity – S4 Wins, One FAILS! (28:08)
12. S4 Processor Advantages Over HTC One (29:15)
13. Thoughts/Differences with S4 Exynos – I will have one soon! (32:21)
14. Firmware Update Advantages (33:44)
START HTC ONE Pros and Cons
15. HTC One Display Pros (34:13)
16. A Warning About Amoled Displays (35:53)
17. Cons of HTC One Display (39:40)
18. HTC One Build Quality & Feel (41:59)
19. Boom Sound and Front Stereo Speakers (45:11)
20. Sense – A New Take on Android (49:25)
21. HTC Zoe Stand Out Feature *See description for full tutorial* (52:11)
22. HTC One Camera Pros and Cons (54:21)
23. Match for Match Similarities (56:03)
24. Which Do I Choose/ Best Configurations (57:06)
25. Thank You All – Which Do You Choose? (58:46)

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2 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: Which One? In-Depth Comparison”

  1. Excellent job Erica. Best I’ve seen and I’ve seen them all as far as I know. I am thrilled you are up and running, as I follow you on G+, Twitter, and Facebook. I will keep doing so and recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you.

  2. I had a galaxy s4 that the metal thingy surrounded the camera lens is badly scratch when i first got it ..>don’t know if samsung will willing to change one 4 me……(only a month old)

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