iOS 7 vs Android: Has Apple Succeeded?

I have been testing out iOS 7 (pre-release) for the last few weeks and now Beta 2 has been released.
iOS 7 vs Jelly Bean! iOS 7 will be released this Autumn, so there are still several months for testing and fixes.

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4 thoughts on “iOS 7 vs Android: Has Apple Succeeded?

  1. Dillon Haffner

    Is there any possible way to send this video to apple so they will start allowing file systems available to the user ?! This is why I watch your videos is because you speak out what consumers are thinking. I love your videos and also do you have a twitter ? I was trying to find it ! But I couldn’t any way, seriously can you try to send this to apple ?! Love your videos. Thank you for reading this :)

  2. Rohan Lawrence D'souza

    Often wondered how people just used “iOS” and never realized there was a whole world out there – where as in Android you could do customisations , multi tasking (the real kind), ROM’s , app integration, etc
    Have been an android user since S2, now s3, and hopefully soon enough another Galaxy device.
    Would be great to see a Note II vs Note III video in your style of reviewing. Thanks in Advance.

    And by All Means “Keep up the Good Work”.


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