More Videos Coming!

I have had a little bit of trouble with my Internet but it will be fixed soon and I will upload some new videos. First to upload will be my overview and impressions of the Blackberry Q10 and then will be my S4 Review Part 3.

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About Erica Griffin

HI! My name is Erica Griffin. I am known on the interwebs as The Technology Nerd Who Likes to Film Stuff. I create insanely in-depth technology reviews as well as blog my experiences about what it is like to incorporate them into everyday living! I am from San Diego, CA. I went to the University of California, San Diego for my bachelors degree in Cognitive Science (I studied brains and hormones and why people do what they do). I specialized in Human Computer Interaction. Then I minored in Digital Media Production. Mix that all together and you get THE TECHNOLOGY NERD WHO LIKES TO FILM STUFF hehe. I love my boyfriend, Fran├žois Simond, aka Supercurio, from XDA. He means everything to me and has been so supportive of me through all this! I love tech (obviously), I like to sing, I like to make origami models, I love to travel, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior....

5 thoughts on “More Videos Coming!

  1. andrea_0108

    You should do a review on the galaxy S Blaze . Im trying to debate on rather i should get the Blaze, the S 2 , or the iPhone 4s . I really am stuck and you doing a review and a comparison on the phone will be awesome and it will make my decision wayyyy easier !!! Please and Thank you!!!!

    1. Erica Griffin Post author

      I’m sorry, but I can’t make reviews based on one’s specific request. I have to appeal to a very broad audience with a lot of expectations.

    1. Erica Griffin Post author

      Soon. I am trying to fix my Internet. But first I am uploading my video about the Blackberry Q10. Please never ask for an exact ETA, or estimated time of arrival. That doesn’t help anyone.

  2. random fan:D

    I love your videos….keep up all the good job…you are not like others(talking about in dephtness :Dand humor) you teached me some things.cuz you can-others have to be proud of yourself =)


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