Nexus 4 In-Depth Review *ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!*

Here is the incredibly in-depth review of the Nexus 4. Please jump to any topic that you would like to see or watch the entire thing.

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1. Introduction (0:00) This video is Time CODED!
2. Pricing and value (1:29) 8 vs 16 GB
3. Build Quality START* (2:58)
4. The GLASS BACK (4:24)
5. Buttons, features, and such (6:43)
6. Sim ejection tool and using a sim adapter (7:48)
7. Creaking in the USB port (9:01)
8. Size comparison with many popular devices (9:51)
9. Pocket Test with special guest in male jeans (11:40)
10. Display START (12:56) Size, resolution, media experience
11. Display Quality (15:05) The Good, Bad, and Ugly
12. JELLY BEAN START Wooooo Mine is better than yours! (18:50)
13. *Lock Screen Widgets* (19:49)
14. *Expanded Notification View & quick settings* (21:47)
15. *Self-adjusting widgets* (22:55)
16. Texting/keyboard Experience (23:29)
17. Google NOW, Updates, Features, Bad Points (26:25)
18. It’s Processor TIME!!!! START (30:04)
19. CPU – Snappy System even with throttling (31:10)
20. GPU – Not for the intense gamer (33:29)
21. GPU – Throttle Coding and Why it Throttles (34:43)
22. Antennas and Radios/ Bluetooth Woes (43:19)
23. Call Quality (44:23)
24. Back Speaker eeek (45:00)
25. Speed Test and EXCELLENT MODEM (45:42) *NO MORE 4G LTE*
26. CAMERA TIME!!! START (47:39)
27. How To Make a GREAT PHOTOSPHERE!!! (48:03)
28. Power of the Tiny Planet (51:30)
29. Camera Features and Functionality (53:33)
30. Camera Out In the Real World (58:26)
31. Battery Life (1:03:50)
32. SELLING MY 16GB NEXUS 4 on EBAY *March 1 – March 8 2013* (1:07:50)

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