Reviewing the S4

Right now I am in the process of reviewing the Galaxy S4. I have both the Snapdragon and Exynos versions in hand. My reviews can take some time to put together, as they tend to be an hour long and cover a vast amount of topics!

I will keep updating this section for progress on my review and my findings as I go along.

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Erica Griffin

HI! My name is Erica Griffin. I am known on the interwebs as The Technology Nerd Who Likes to Film Stuff. I create insanely in-depth technology reviews as well as blog my experiences about what it is like to incorporate them into everyday living! I am from San Diego, CA. I went to the University of California, San Diego for my bachelors degree in Cognitive Science (I studied brains and hormones and why people do what they do). I specialized in Human Computer Interaction. Then I minored in Digital Media Production. Mix that all together and you get THE TECHNOLOGY NERD WHO LIKES TO FILM STUFF hehe. I love my boyfriend, Fran├žois Simond, aka Supercurio, from XDA. He means everything to me and has been so supportive of me through all this! I love tech (obviously), I like to sing, I like to make origami models, I love to travel, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior....

5 thoughts on “Reviewing the S4”

  1. The S4 is not as tough as the S3, i had the S3 for about 8mths dropped it seriously 3 times, one from about 5 ft slipped out of my hands onto driveway only dented case. The S4 slipped out of my shirt pocket( i know silly place to have it) at about 3 ft as i was bending near the car, it hit the car then floor, screen cracked!!
    The S3 took more than this and it still looks as new, is there any difference or is it just me??

    great site by the way


  2. Tony, I guess it’s like any accident. A different milimeter in distance of impact, or degree in it’s angle with the floor can make all the difference. It’s just a matter of luck.

    Erica, the site is nice. Will you be doing your insanely in-depth our-long review of the HTC One after you finish the S4’s? I refuse to fund again Samsung and it’s plasticky builds, so I am looking forward to getting an HTC One when the carriers in my country bring it (I’m from Argentina), or an Oppo Find 5, both of which I’m in love with, and can’t decide for either one of them.

    It will probably win the one I can get my hands on first.

    Needless to say, that I would love to see one of your videos involving the Oppo Find 5, if you get the chance to compare it to current flagships, or even review it. I think it was an awesome first step internationally for Oppo, and it’s next device will make a lot of noise in the industry. Looking forward to it.

    1. I will definitely be doing an hour long review for the HTC One!

      I have been hearing soooo much about the Oppo Find 5. What are you liking about it that really catches your attention over the HTC One?

      1. The thing that attracts me the most is Oppo’s involvement with the community. It’s the only company I heard of that has an active participation in its forum, listening to its users ideas for further implementation in updates. They gave the source code to the community and even encourage to develop and install ROMs on your phone after you buy it.

        They also update the official firmware adding features and bugfixes quite often (once every two or four weeks). It looks like they are going to be supporting this device a lot, at least until their next awesome flagship arrives.

        They even had to give a 2 year warranty when they arrived at Europe, and extended the warranty for US buyers, just to be fair with everyone.

        Also it has an awesome screen, overall specs and unlocked price. I think it’s a great option and if I’m gonna support a company, why not going for the one that cares for it customers? I just wish I could buy it easily :(

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