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Xperia Z Ultra: Why I Am Not Impressed

I was recently fascinated by the new Xperia Z Ultra; yet, it seems that Sony always manages to do something so irritating that I can’t bring myself to buy one of their devices.

Xperia Z: Has a scratchable shatterproof sheet over their scratch resistant glass!  (scratchable is the keyword there) This shatterproof sheet does NOTHING but keep shards from leaving the display – should you crack your glass. Otherwise it is an annoyance that scratches. I have heard reports that it voids your warranty should you fancy to remove it.
Also, should you remove this shatterproof sheet,  there is no oleophobic coating underneath,  so the glass just feels terrible.  I did this with the Xperia T, and it ruined the experience of the device.  But,  the shatterproof sheet was so scratched that I felt I had no choice.

ALSO, the Xperia Z had an annoyingly low contrast ratio. Blacks were really not black at all! Furthermore, the viewing angles were terrible! These downfalls completely degraded the experience of using this display so I passed it up, even though I loved that it was waterproof.


Again, it seems that Sony has added this pointlessly stupid shatterproof screen protector! I find it hilarious that this time they advertise to use a pen or metal object to write with on this display!  Can you say scratches galore?  What are they thinking? See specs

Unless this shatterproof sheet has a hardness of a 7 on Mohs mineral scale  like Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail,  I fail to see how it will hold up against scratches from your drawing utensils!

Shatterproof sheets are plastic; possibly by the pencil hardness test, which is able to judge surface hardness, or ability to resist abrasions, it will be rated a 9H. Still, it will be nowhere near able to withstand metal objects without causing damage. A pencil rated 9H will scratch a coating rated at 9H; do they really think it will stand against metal, which is much harder than a 9H pencil graphite lead?

Here’s to hoping they won’t mess this one up!

Also,  the thing doesn’t have a flash? Confusion overwhelms me!

Just please Sony, please have a display with a better contrast ratio this time.

Anyone else frustrated? It could have been an epic device.

PS. The battery is only 3,000mAh. Is anyone concerned?