Truth About Gorilla Glass (Ultimate Galaxy SIII Destruction!!!) *REPAIR VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION!!!*

This phone was BROKEN BEFORE MAKING THIS VIDEO. Before repairing my Galaxy SIII, Charlene, I decided to take her screen and test her to the max! Scratch tests, drop tests, strength tests, and lighting her on fire!!! Pick a topic below! Or stick around with me and watch the whole thing =)

1. Thank you NY-Mobile-Parts (0:00) *best prices during new stock arrival*
2. What is Gorilla Glass (2:20) START
3. How to make Gorilla Glass Strong (3:37)
4. How to make Gorilla Glass Scratch Resistant (5:17)
5. Keys & Coins Scratch Test (7:58)
6. Nails and Razor Blades Scratch tests (11:00)
7. Sand Paper Scratch Test (13:58)
8. Drop Test START (16:04) my scheme wahahahaha
9. Drop Test in a case (17:10)
10. Drop Test on Asphalt & down stairs without any protection (18:34)
11. START Glass shredding (23:02)
12. Dragging Galaxy SIII behind MY CAR (23:50)
13. Completely Disassembled and torn apart! (26:50)
14. Ooooo Magnesium and FLAMES (31:22)
15. Lighting the SIII on fire!!! (31:45)
16. The end and stuff (35:22)

GALAXY S III aka Charlene Destruction/ Rebuild series:

1. Bricked Galaxy SIII “I KILLED and BURIED HER! *Literally*”
3. Repair/Rebuild Galaxy S III (AKA Charlene Gets a New Face)

THANK YOU NY-MOBILE-PARTS for your excellent service and replacement screen!!!
US Company, 100% Feedback, Decent i9300 screen pricing, World Wide Shipping, Expedited, 100% original Samsung parts from European service center!!!

****Best Prices WHEN THEY GET NEW STOCK, so watch for that =)****

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One thought on “Truth About Gorilla Glass (Ultimate Galaxy SIII Destruction!!!) *REPAIR VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION!!!*

  1. Tester

    I think the s3 droptest was a bit unfair regarding the benefits of a bump-case: You only dropped the phone once on a wooden floor and once on the pavement with the bumper on. On the other hand you threw(!) it without case until it broke…
    Other than that, you are probably right about all you said about bumpers in general and about the rather stupid design of the s3. Thumbs up! Samsung should ship their phones with silicone covers anyway… 😉


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