Xperia Z Ultra: Why I Am Not Impressed

I was recently fascinated by the new Xperia Z Ultra; yet, it seems that Sony always manages to do something so irritating that I can’t bring myself to buy one of their devices.

Xperia Z: Has a scratchable shatterproof sheet over their scratch resistant glass!  (scratchable is the keyword there) This shatterproof sheet does NOTHING but keep shards from leaving the display – should you crack your glass. Otherwise it is an annoyance that scratches. I have heard reports that it voids your warranty should you fancy to remove it.
Also, should you remove this shatterproof sheet,  there is no oleophobic coating underneath,  so the glass just feels terrible.  I did this with the Xperia T, and it ruined the experience of the device.  But,  the shatterproof sheet was so scratched that I felt I had no choice.

ALSO, the Xperia Z had an annoyingly low contrast ratio. Blacks were really not black at all! Furthermore, the viewing angles were terrible! These downfalls completely degraded the experience of using this display so I passed it up, even though I loved that it was waterproof.


Again, it seems that Sony has added this pointlessly stupid shatterproof screen protector! I find it hilarious that this time they advertise to use a pen or metal object to write with on this display!  Can you say scratches galore?  What are they thinking? See specs

Unless this shatterproof sheet has a hardness of a 7 on Mohs mineral scale  like Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail,  I fail to see how it will hold up against scratches from your drawing utensils!

Shatterproof sheets are plastic; possibly by the pencil hardness test, which is able to judge surface hardness, or ability to resist abrasions, it will be rated a 9H. Still, it will be nowhere near able to withstand metal objects without causing damage. A pencil rated 9H will scratch a coating rated at 9H; do they really think it will stand against metal, which is much harder than a 9H pencil graphite lead?

Here’s to hoping they won’t mess this one up!

Also,  the thing doesn’t have a flash? Confusion overwhelms me!

Just please Sony, please have a display with a better contrast ratio this time.

Anyone else frustrated? It could have been an epic device.

PS. The battery is only 3,000mAh. Is anyone concerned?

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21 thoughts on “Xperia Z Ultra: Why I Am Not Impressed”

    1. I have the ZL. Thin phone equals a short battery life. Simply physics! Also I have found impossible to see what’s on the screen when in sunlight.

  1. I’ve never felt that Sony’s line of Android devices ever really stood a chance. I never researched them at all, or even gave them a glance, they seemed gimmicky and pushed out at a sad attempt to ride the marked that Samsung created (Samsung being a “yeah, we make that” company).

    1. sorry but the first company that made smartphones really popular was the apple and u remember the buzz that the iphone did
      Now samsung took really over it with the android software and the really powerfull hardware without forgetting the shape and the size
      u see now that people who started the market can be beaten by others
      Bro just take a look at it am not asking u to like it or to hate it just try it

  2. Give Sony a chance and try the phone
    from my point of view i like it i have a galaxy note 2 and i think its time to move and change from Samsung devices they all look the same and they have all almost the same software
    plus if u take the Design as a point of discussion Sony does really blow everybody up with the xperia z serie (tablet, phone and the new Ultra)
    as for specs i dont think that they made a phone with a snapdragon 800 2gb of ram and a full HD 6,4 inch display without thinking of batterie
    think about the largest phablet is the thinest on the market. thats not a point that we should ignore.
    plus using a pencil or a pen doesnt mean really going into the deep of the screen to write
    but what i really think is wrong with this phone is : THERE IS NO LED FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Words; I think them, you speak them lol. I completely fail to see how a device released after 2010 can NOT have a flash!

    IMO, there’s just too many compromises, adding up to a device that’s (more than likely) just going to end up inferior to the Note 3. Battery size, screen coating, etc. Not to mention carrier availability. The iceberg to their Titanic, I don’t see them becoming a force in the mobile world again unless they play ball with the US carriers.

    I’ve been rooting for Sony to get their stuff together for a long time now, but they’re wearing me down :(. It’s a decent effort, but Sony just doesn’t seem to “get it.”

  4. Xperia Z had low contrast ratio
    But I don’t think that Z ultra will also have this flaw

    As Z ultra has triluminous display
    Also snapdragon 800$$$$$$

    But the device is too large
    phablet should not be more than 6”

  5. The only thing I’ve got to say about the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is “Why is Sony releasing it now?!?!?” There is absolutely no point in Sony releasing the Xperia Z Ultra at this point in the game as they have already released the original Xperia Z a few months eariler! What is the point in releasing the Xperia Z Ultra now! Grant the original Xperia Z had a very poor TFT display, but wouldn’t it be better to release the Xperia Z Ultra around Christmas or sometime next year.

  6. Actually the last 2 updates the screen and camera on the Xperia Z became so much better. It’s no fluke it is widely reported and I see it b my xperia z too. It just became that much better. U should might give it a try again but make sure it runs 4.2.2..

    1. I believe that the camera is much better. However, the issues with the display had to do with the panel type, and unless you can bend the laws of physics and suddenly change the hardware characteristics of the panel, like viewing angles or contrast ratio (such were the issues), then I highly doubt there is an actual difference. Anyone who reports otherwise, probably sees just different processing of the display and assumes it is better or looks better…but all the issues I have pointed out will still remain.

      1. OK but u remember how washed out the display was in the Xperia Z? It is now pretty clear and also they adjusted some calibration on it it just looks sharper clearer and it comes with an white calibration app like I said the update made difference on the screen calibration. The viewing angles pretty much same but never found them bad. The display seems now to look even without accessing pictures or video to run on bravia engine so u know it is better. Lol but try it with 4.2.2. U will see a difference when used to an xperia with like 3 softwares or 4 softwares below the 4.2.2

  7. This was on my list BUT
    -no led flash
    -if no removable battery make it >4000mah battery.

    Make it 10mm thick with the largest battery possible with led flash and i will line up for this phablet.

    HTC and SONY just does not get. Compromises for the sake of beauty.

    Samsung understand but removal of fm radio from galaxy s4 was the wrong move by them.

  8. I have scratches on my Ultra Z screen and want to remove the factory anti shatter plastic but am having a bit of trouble.

    Anyone have any tips on removing this ? I could only chip a small patch in corner off. It doesnt want to do like I have seen in the Z videos and lift up for me to pull it off. Should i use a razor top scrap or is there some solution like nail polish remover that may help ? Any ideas would be great .. heat ?

  9. Erica, I just ordered one of these bad boys and I was going to order a tempered glass screen protector. After watching your review, I wonder if putting a tempered glass screen protector on it would damage the Sony screen protector that you mention that wears out over time in high use areas. I’m picturing trying to remove or replace the tempered glass at a later date and the epoxy from the protector actually lifting the Sony one off completely or a chemical reaction from the epoxy damaging it.
    Can you lend a little insight as I haven’t actually seen the phone in person to judge it for myself? I’d like to order the screen protector now rather than after the phone arrives… Many thanks and keep up the good work!!

    1. Ahhh – just watched your Xperia T/Z sheet removal video – I get it now. Tell me this: Are the logos printed on the screen protector of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra?

    1. yes, you can remove it but there is some debate as to whether it could void your warranty with Sony. I would probably replace it with another one eventually as it does not have the oleophobic nanocoating like other phones.

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