Xperia Z1 Compact “Mini Review”

Reviewing the Z1 Compact. This little phone packs a lot of punch! But it has some downfalls.

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3 thoughts on “Xperia Z1 Compact “Mini Review”

  1. Eric

    Love your reviews and cant wait till you do your long review of the Z1 compact. I have a few questions about it and since you are smarter then me on these thing hope you can maybe address in your review. They both concern memory use. First you showed the USB dongle that come with it and hooking in a USB stick, I tried this and it said USB connected, but how do you see the files. The second question is about the SD card and may be the same with the USB stick. It appears to only accept audio,video and photos, I havent had a phone with SD usable since the Sony Erickson Mini and with apps to SD, I could move games, files just about anything. I did try to search and all answers to make full use of the SD card seems to involve rooting. Is there any other way possible, if not why have the SD card??? Hope you enjoy your trip and consider adding some stuff covering this in your review.

    1. Erica Griffin Post author

      The ability to use the SD card to install apps has been taken away since Ice cream sandwich. I made a video about this with the S4. You can’t install apps on the SD card any longer. But you can use a trick that basically allows you to store the game data on the SD card and have the actual app installed on the device.

      You will need to be rooted. Please see this video to understand what is happening with your phone as what I say here also applies…

      As for mounting a USB drive you need a file explorer. Download one of your choice from the play store.


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